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Amg, the site have crashed?

info: Welcome to the chat support. We are doing our best to answer your queries soon. We kindly ask for your understanding that our answers may be delayed during busy periods.
info: You are now chatting with ‘Dinesh’
Dinesh: Thank you for using 24/7 Interactive Online Support. My name is Dinesh. How may I assist you?
you: Hello i got dc before did u see my question?
you: its about the domain
Dinesh: Hellothere
Dinesh: No, I dont have your question
you: okay, well im using WP on this domain and were almost done when some1 told me that the rss didnt work so i runned into some troubles
you: then it crasched
you: The design were gone and 2 weeks of work and i dunno how to solve it
Dinesh: Please hold on while I check.
Dinesh: Login to control panel
you: okay
Dinesh: Click on Advanced icon and turn ON PHP Error messages
you: okay a sec
you: done
Dinesh: Check now
you: its back from the very start not the site we made i assume we have to red design it all then?
Dinesh: Refresh the page 2-3 times
you: ah
you: ty god .-)
Dinesh: haha : )
Dinesh: Is there anything else I can assist you with ?
you: not atm ty m8 how do i succed to make an rss feed then?
Dinesh: Hello  ,
Dinesh: Thank you for contacting!
Dinesh: Sorry
Dinesh: Please hold on while I check.
Dinesh: There are times when you want to tell someone your site’s feed address or URL, or you need it to submit it to search engines and directories, many of which now accept feed URL submissions. There are four possible URLs for each of your feeds. Any of these will work.
you: yes pls
Dinesh: Just use :
Dinesh: You can also use the following formats :
you: Aha okay. ty so very much for ur exellent help happy easter to u .)
Dinesh: You are always welcome. Wish you a happy Easter too : )
Dinesh: To receive a transcript of this chat, or tell us how we did today, please click the ”End  Chat” button.


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